By Vernalee
big bird -
A job is more than working occupationally on the worksite. You are engulfed in a consortium of non- work things. For starters, there are compatibility assessments (i.e. Do you fit in?); alienation; clicks; favoritism; harassment; discrimination; bullying; gross inequities and unfairness, among others.

Lest not forget the broken verbal promises. “If it’s not in writing, it doesn’t exist!” The old fashioned quote, “Your word is your bond” or the handshake of agreement have faded in oblivion. The less talented worker may often times get the promotions and the accompanying big bucks. Up the ladder he (or she) goes! Being friends and partying with the boss don’t hurt! My girlfriend was passed over three times before she received a justifiable promotion.

To those militant smarty pants, remember this salient fact: If you challenge the system, you are often blackballed, if not fired! Keep in mind, an invulnerable reason for termination will suffice in “at will” states. Contrived rationales for your removal can be magically fabricated overnight.

Race plays as big of a factor as ever. If actions become discriminatory, they are camouflaged if challenged. Nothing much has changed, other than the system and staff becoming more sophisticated on what is legally appropriate to say or do.

How black is your Black boss? It depends! That is a subject for another day.

Meanwhile, you go to work to earn a living. Some days, you have to fight to keep your head above water. Degrees don’t insulate you. The glass ceiling may limit you.

Confucius said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
Unfortunately, he didn’t work at ________ (company) located in ______ (city) with such an interesting crew.

Woe to the abusers; thank goodness for doors to exit! No one is exempted; not even Big Bird. Had he won the election, Mitt Romney wanted to fire him to balance the budget!

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