By Vernalee
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Generally, I am not one to quickly react. I weigh the pros and cons as I analyze the content. But the recent Boston Herald’s cartoonist suggestive references depicting President Barack Obama brushing his teeth while hinting that he should try watermelon flavored toothpaste took me over the edge! It was the last straw! The audacity of the paper to print such a racially offensive and derogatory caricature! As usual, the Boston Herald diplomatically apologized for the racist insinuations while upholding the character and integrity of their cartoonist. That is double dealing at its best! The racial epithets have to stop! So I pulled out my race card that I have been judiciously holding. I had too; I had no choice! I love President Obama! Yes, you read it right. He is smart, courageous, and President of the United States! Swag he owns! A husband and father, what better example! So for all of the racists, who still can’t accept a Black man in the White House, pity you! For sure, you don’t want to play cards at my table. It’s a gamble that is too risky! The odds are not in your favor, when you negatively talk about my Prez!
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Boston Herald cartoon: — NECN (@NECN)