BrandYourself-By Vernalee
As entrepreneurs, it is imperative that you become your own brand. No one can sell you better than you. The question is: How do you become a brand; a recognizable brand at that? Let’s see what the experts have to say.
1. First …Become an expert on something that relates to your business.
2. Establish a website or blog under your full name preferably and / or theme a recognizable subject name that you can call your own.
3. Learn how to be a good source.
4. Generate brand awareness by networking.
My “Vernalization” of branding translates into becoming a knowledgeable brainchild whereby you unequivocally know what you are talking about and whereby you can promote and establish yourself as an authoritative expert. Lest not forget that you seek to become the primary source; people should ultimately come to you for the quote as the recognized expert. As you expertly craft a good name and reputation for yourself in the stratosphere, your network and the world will recognize you for your skills, knowledge, and talents. The traces of the legacy that you will leave behind is mounting. A good name is hard to beat. Your good name and the vast amount of knowledge that you possess will draw people to you like bees to honey. Speaking of networking, here are some pointers:
The four rules of networking that you should keep in mind are mutualism, giving, targeting and reconnecting.
•Mutualism: You have to create win-win relationships in business, making sure that you don’t benefit more than the other party.
•Giving: Help someone out, before asking for anything in return. This makes people want to support you.
•Targeting: You want to be very specific with the types of people you network with, in order to save time and to attract the right people to your brand.
•Reconnecting: Never lose touch, that way networking contacts remember you when new opportunities surface.
It reminds me of the old folks sitting back in their rocking chairs on their screen porches in Mississippi. Without anyone asking for their input, they voluntarily would put in their two cents. “That child sho nuff knows what she’s talking about. Her mouth might get her somewhere someday. For sho, she meets no strangers. She can work the room better than anybody I know. Can’t she?” What a compliment the old fashioned way! In closing, you will know that you have become a brand if a letter is mailed to you with just your name on it and it arrives at your doorstep. Okay folks, don’t flood my mailbox with letters address to Vernalee. If you do, I claim it …the branding success and the letter of course!
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