By Vernalee
The English proverb, “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar” is “as clear as day!”
Though a metaphorical expression, its application works in real life; with flies, and with people.
It is so much easier to be polite and kind than to be mean and hateful.
People respond better to favorable treatment.
Interesting, people never forget unkind acts and those mean poisonous words that were written or said.
They hurt!
They may even come back to haunt you!
Remember that when you get ready to “tell someone off!” You might have to apologize … afterwards. Try not to put yourself in such compromising positions, because people have the option – to accept or reject – your apology.
That’s why “honey filled” conduct is better.
Besides, honey has so many other useful purposes. It’s a sweetener that also tastes good. Yum! Southern folks even say it’s medicinal. A spoonful in warm water spiked with lemons cures colds; it’s comforting to the throat. I say that kindness, considerate speech, and behavior take you much further than their counterparts!
Clearly, there is a distinct difference between sweetness and bitterness.
Hopefully, your wisdom will help you make a “honey” of a choice! The Turkish proverb tells us that “Kind words will unlock an iron door.”
Let me close with a few acts of demonstrated politeness and kindness that cost you nothing.
Take a look.
1. Telephone a lonely person.
2. Hold the door open for someone.
3. Help a disabled person.
4. Compliments – pay a few.
5. Drive with kindness; not road rage.
6. Express gratitude.
7. Reach out to a person in need.
8. Donate to the needy.
9. Volunteer your time.
10. Teach your kids kindness.
11. Show affection.
12. Listen to someone who has a problem.
13. Give flowers to an elderly person.
14. Smile.
These are simple things to do, but their value goes far.
Though these acts may not be as sweet as honey, they are nourishing to the soul – yours and the person(s) that you help.
For every act that you do, I say, “Thank you honey!”
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