By Vernalee
Photo Feb 22, 2013, 1_52 PM
You can present someone with an opportunity, but you cannot force him or her to take advantage of it.
Sometimes, it makes you upset; particularly when your advice can save them from calamity.
Remember this one important fact.
While you are worrying about them, having sleepless nights and watching your hair turn gray, the person in trouble is carefree, sleeping like a baby, and has no need for Grecian formula or Lady Clairol.
This scenario is upside down; right? Bottom line: People do what they want to do!
If you give solid advice and they don’t take it, you have done your job.
There are some people who want listen or heed advice.
Besides, if they get in the saddle, they must be prepared to ride!
So … Get with the program!
Go home, kick up your feet and get some rest.
Don’t worry!
Their lackadaisical attitude and inactions will eventually catch up with them. Sadly, when they are in doubt, they lose control.
With an unclear direction, they may land anywhere.
Hi Yo Silver! Away!
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