By Vernalee
First impressions are lasting impressions. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. People size you up within seconds after meeting you. Therefore, put some serious thoughts and efforts into the process prior to meeting someone for the first time. Approach is key. Lasting impressions can be enhanced if our moves are right. The ultimate goal is to be – memorable. According to experts, there are several steps to this process. Read below:
10 Tops Tips for making a great First Impression:
1. Maintain eye contact.
2. Keep an opened friendly face.
3. Have good body language.
4. Be genuine.
5. Don’t boast.
6. Smile.
7. Appearance matters.
8. Use the person’s name.
9. Have a positive mindset.
10. Practice.
So plan your meeting. Be prepared; be smart. Make your first impression count. Have a good introduction and a firm handshake. Look good; smell good. Leave knowing that you will be remembered. Achieve the objective of the meeting … by walking away leaving your mark! As a final tip – Please don’t be late!
Photo credit:; Source: Business Content PLR