By Vernalee
In a recent article in Career Advice, the three biggest lies that employers tell their workers were revealed.
1. Work- Life Balance – Your job can be designed to provide balance and time with your family. Right?
2. Annual Bonuses – You will receive an annual bonus if the company does well. Maybe this was not an intentional lie, but has your cup runneth over with cash?
3. Advancement Opportunities – If you do well, the sky is the limit! How many promotions have you received?
Have you experienced any or all of these “great pie in the sky” promises? Maybe, you beat the odds? Let your career not be based upon lies. Some say “success is preparation plus luck.” Whether or not that is an definition to which you subscribe, it certainly is not based upon other folks promises and lies! Achieve your goals based upon your hard work, abilities, preparation to succeed, and all the other goodies besides what people promised you! Alright, if their promises come to fruition, take them, but don’t be dependent upon them to “hit” your target. My thought!
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