By Vernalee
Whether it is the familiar AOL voice, “You’ve got mail” or the Inbox on your computer screen, emails are the standard form of communications these days!
Last week trending on the Today Show was an episode on how many unread emails were acceptable. How many would deem ineffective communication; 1,000, 10,000, 30,000? Don’t look shocked! Some people don’t responsibly read! From an operational perspective, how can you effectively run a business when you are not responsive to email communications? How many opportunities are you potentially missing? For those who have multiple email accounts, for certain keeping up is difficult; it can be overwhelming. However, it is vitally essential to be responsive if efficiency, productivity, profitability, and professionalism are your goals. The interrelatedness of your communication responsiveness / effectiveness to successful achievement go hand in hand. Would you be disappointed if you discovered that you missed a tremendous opportunity because it was contained in a time sensitive unread email? For sure! Therefore, it is imperative that you break this cycle before it breaks you! “Reading is fundamental!”
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